Alaska Democracy Initiative

In Alaska, we are moving forward on three fronts. We are teaching the Ultimate Civics Rethinking Democracy high school course in communities around the State.

We are working with communities to pass local resolutions to abolish corporate personhood and/or urge the State of Alaska to push for a U.S. Constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood. And we are supporting a statewide ballot initiative in Alaska that defines the word “person” in the Alaska constitution to be a natural human being.

On July 17, 2012 Senator Mark Begich officially entered Sitka, Alaska's resolution opposing corporate personhood intot he Congressional Record. The Sitka Assembly unanimously passed the resolution on July 10, 2012.

Also in Alaska, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins is running for District 34 House seat and has a platform plank calling for an end to corporate personhood.

Gershon Cohen, Ultimate CIvics' co-director, heads up our activities in Alaska