Rethinking Democracy & Organizing for Change

Our curriculum is coming soon! Until then, this hands-on, interactive training is conducted by Dr. Riki Ott. It is designed to equip teachers and students with knowledge and skills to understand how our democracy was hijacked, the human rights and values that lie at the core of real democracy, and how to take it back through designing and implementing an effective campaign.

Time: one 2-hour block and two 3.5-hour blocks (i.e., an evening lecture and day of training)

Cost: $1,000 plus expenses for travel, lodging (home-stays are good) and meals



Dr. Riki Ott is a national expert in oil spill impacts to people, communities, and marine ecosystems as well as a democracy activist. She is a motivational speaker who inspires and encourages students to step up, take action, and help make a difference in critical issues that shape their lives. Her lectures are interactive, interdisciplinary, and offer practical skills for systemic problem-solving with a focus on sustainability and democracy. (Sociology, marine biology, law, public health and epidemiology, political science, women’s studies.)

Time: one class period from 40-90 minutes with interactive discussion

Cost: $2,000 per site with max. of five events per site

Please visit for booking lectures