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Democracy & Community Organizing Trainings

Deep democracy trainings in the gulf states

We know the BP disaster isn’t over. BP has left a legacy of lies, leaking oil, injured workers, sick families, mounting debts, and collapsed fisheries.

In February 2012, Ultimate Civics director Riki Ott conducted a series of a deep democracy training and strategic retreats. As part of the training, Riki shared templates for municipal ordinances and resolutions to ban toxic chemicals, including Corexit, as part of a national action.

The February deep democracy trainings were…

  • Educational: In Coden, we educated ourselves, one of the first steps in campaign-building by sharing updates on illnesses and new studies on dispersants and oil––worse than oil alone! Eleven-year old home-schooler Ben offered to write some “parodies” of common songs to message about banning dispersants. Fourteen-year old Bailey wants to make a pitch to the Alabama Archdiocese, a decision-maker, to include learning about the impacts of dispersants to sea life and human life in Catholic schools.
Inspirational: In Pensacola, we decided our goal, a dream with a deadline, was to ban dispersants by January 2017, because the BP disaster happened under Obama’s watch and the consequences need to be addressed under his watch.
  • Motivational: In Fairhope, we devised a research strategy to collect collaborating evidence of harm to humans through wind rose data and veterinary records. In Atlanta, law students volunteered to help with our strategies of federal litigation and grassroots actions to pass municipal, county, or parish resolutions banning dispersants within local jurisdictions. 
  • Empowering:  In New Orleans, we put it all together, crafting a national campaign organized by EPA regions under the National Contingency Plan.

Our first tactic is to share educational material and train people to recruit for our campaign…

… starting with you! Learn the ­campaign-building skills, noted above, by viewing our video, coming soon!

Contact us to get involved in your community. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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